I like this home page。Reasno 杰诺斯·史林特 15:36 22 mar 2012 (UTC)

Hi guys,

Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I did not find any contact information of anyone of you guys :( and gosu embeddable chat would like to collaborate with you on a chat basis. 

We,, have built an embeddable chat. It is implemented on and we would like to have the following solution: If a spanish speaking user goes on and opens the chat, he will encounter a banner which states 'chat in your language' if the user clicks it, it will open the channel of your wiki with spanish speaking people in it :) You on the other hand integrate the chat as well and it would work the other way around.

We would like to have one partner per country and since you collaborate on the wiki you are the first one we approached for spanish. We covered 6 languages already and would like to start with this on April 24. at the latest obviously :)


Arnehorn (discusión) 12:42 19 abr 2016 (UTC)

Hola, soy del inglés "Game of Thrones Wiki". Por favor, agrega estos en la parte inferior de la primera página:

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--The Dragon Demands (discusión) 16:13 24 dic 2016 (UTC)

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